IBCP College Trips

Cheyanne Richardson

During the month of October, juniors and seniors in the IBCP program were given two college trip opportunities. These trips allowed the students in the IBCP program to get out of school and imagine what their future in college could look like. On October 11th, students traveled to the Jacob Javits Center for the SUNY college fair. Many state universities had staff in attendance, all of them prepared to convince prospective students from across New York City to apply to their school. Admissions officers from Binghamton, Stony Brook, and Oneonta, to name a few, explained in great detail their school’s requirements, as well as unique benefits they had to offer. Shannon Massey, a senior, said, “I was able to go to different colleges and talk to their representatives without commuting to the school itself. I asked a lot more questions and gathered more information than I would normally. This has opened my eyes up to schools that I had not even thought of applying to, plus I now know what they are looking for.” 

On October 21st, students visited SUNY Farmingdale to gain first hand experience of a SUNY campus and interact with a college environment. The Curtis students toured the school with six college students currently enrolled at Farmingdale, all with different years of graduation and majors. Allura Surat, a Curtis junior, commented, “I really like going to SUNY Farmingdale and the college fair because it was very educational and it exposed me to different colleges that might one day be the right fit for me.” The feedback from students who were able to attend was entirely positive and for many, helped to expand their perspectives on life after high school.