New Science Makerspace

Musayeroh Bah

A brand new Science Makerspace has been in the works since September and is located in room B4. This new location will be a space for students to come down to participate in a large variety of science related gadgets. This includes 3D printers, robots, computers, and construction tools. The makerspace offers students a place to discuss ideas, work on projects, and create. It’s a space where anyone from any background, with no experience or lots of it, can flock to experiment with new technology and discuss shared interests together. The Makerspace is a constantly evolving place with unlimited potential.


Ms. Holzer, the director of the program said, “I would love for other students to get involved and give me their ideas about what they would like to see in there. Makerspaces are important because they teach students to think creatively and explore new ideas in a safe space.” Students are also involved in constructing the Makerspace, such as one junior named Ibrahim Moftah. The NMC Horizon Report: 2015 K-12 Edition, also supports this by stating that “…Makerspaces are increasingly being looked to as a method for engaging learners in creative, higher-order problem-solving through hands-on design, construction, and iteration…” (p. 38)


One article titled “How Makerspaces Help Local Economies” by John Tierney also lists the benefits of Makerspaces. In this article, Jules Pieri, the cofounder and CEO of the product-launch platform The Grommet, stated “Even more importantly,” she said, “you get access to people who can show you how to use these things.” She also mentioned big-name products that have also been produced in Makerspaces, such as DODOcases, a brand of iphone and ipad cases, and Square, a card reader that’s attachable to your phone.


Makerspaces provide a way for students to explore creative ventures and to collaborate with each other on different things.  This creative space will be open around the end of the year or the beginning of next year.