Marine Corps run leadership training for female athletes

Elizabeth Reich

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On February 13th, members of every female sports team in Curtis met in the gymnasium during 10th period. They were there to work out with the Marine Corps as part of their USMC High School Fitness and Leadership Tour, and to build their leadership skills. The girls were buzzing with excitement and were ready for a challenge. They waited for instruction, and very quickly the high-intensity workout began. Every ten to twenty minutes, they would break for a leadership talk. During these talks, sweaty smiles filled the room.

Mr. Ritzer and Ms. McNamara worked together to organize the event. McNamara says the idea behind the event was to “Get girls together, to promote fitness and leadership. We also wanted to build comradery and showcase opportunities for girls.” She also said that she plans to have more events for female athletes in the future.

Hannah Guevarra, a lacrosse player attending the session, stated, “I enjoyed the event, even though it made me sore the day after.” She also said that if there was another event similar to this one, she would definitely be in attendance.

Overall, the event was a success in uniting the female athletes in Curtis. The girls enjoyed getting fit with each other, and learning about their peers. Most girls say they would do it again, even if it was hard work.

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