Black History Month

Ashante Miller

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The month of February is most known for romance and love but it also includes African American pride and awareness. As an annual Curtis tradition, the Black History Month assembly was celebrated in the auditorium. It featured dancing, stepping, poems and speeches.

This year the show was held February 14th, during 4th and 6th period. It started off with the Negro National Anthem written by James Weldon Johnson and J. Rosamond Johnson. After this there was a slam poetry reading, one girl read a poem written by Maya Angelou. The Curtis Dynasty Step Team and the Multicultural Dancers performed. These groups showed how African Americans expressed themselves through dance when they couldn’t with words.

The fashion show is an all time favorite when it comes to this event. It shows everyone’s culture and the different styles from around the world. Co-director Ms. Ceaser said, “fashion and clothing is important to everyone. It’s one of the aspects that define culture.”

One student, Bernice Odunlami commented on the celebration, “it’s important to show our African culture.” The performance did not only honor Black History, but started friendships as Joseph Ramirez said, “I did the fashion show so I could meet new friends.”

The celebration also came with a speech from principal Jaenicke and a guest speaker, the very first African American elected to a higher office of Staten Island, Councilwoman Debbie Rose.

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