NJROTC passes difficult inspection

The annual inspection requires all cadets to participate

Joseph Ramirez

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The NJROTC annual inspection was held on Thursday the 29th in the new gym. The inspection also included demonstrations from the ROTC cadets. This annual inspection is important because Commander Miller comes in to evaluate the entire program. How the cadets perform  and their attendance will determine if the program continues next year. The cadets were nervous as they prepared for the inspection. The gym was closed all week so that the cadets could practice in the gym. Before the inspection the cadets were doing some last minute touch ups on their uniforms to make sure that everything was perfect. ‘’We pick up our outfits the day before, make sure it looks good. The day of, we do another inspection, and you pay attention to little details,’’ said Cadet Shawn Taylor.

      The program started off with the unarmed platoon demonstration. Joanna Zepeda led the group as they marched around the gym in formation. This is the ‘’pass and review’’. Cadets march into position and eventually Commander Miller will stand in the middle. Next was the armed platoon led by William Cook and opened with a presentation to the commander. (more info). Following this was the color guard consisting of Chloe Baniswal, Joanna Zepeda, Edith Perez, and Kayla Jackson. The color guard is a part of a drill meet, where cadets present and show respect.

Then, there was the two person ‘armed exhibition lead by cadets Bruce Smith and Isaiah Cuzco. The two get in formation with rifles and present a demonstration. They did make a mistake, but recovered quickly and continued on with the show. All members of ROTC, were required to be present for the falling in. Sergeants and drill leaders checked every row to make sure the students were equally spaced before Commander Miller marched between the rows for the official inspection

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