Blood Drive is a huge success

Once again the nursing program helps collect 67 pints of blood

Zoe Ploog

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Donating blood is a charitable act. When people are in severe accidents, have certain disease or lose a tremendous amount of blood it is necessary for a patient to have a blood transfusion. Giving blood is a great gift that many Curtis student decided to give during the school year of 2018-2019. The blood drive occurred all day in the school library, and throughout the day many members of the Curtis community were given a opportunity to stop by and donate their blood.

In order to donate blood students had to meet certain criteria, to insure their blood was useful. These criteria included parental consent, and of course a age requirement. Then after a person gives blood they received a “ I donated blood today” stickers as a symbol of their brave and kind act. Although students were given the opportunity to donate blood many students were unable to. Kristen Borrero a junior in the IBCP program said, “I wanted to! But I did not know where or when it was and when I found out I where it was, it was to late, I did not have a permission slip.’’

Other students such a Anjali Picket were under the weight requirement. “ I am not the weight requirement, I think you have to be 120. I would love to donate blood if I ever get the opportunity,’’ said Picket.

Xena Toro, who is a junior donated blood at Curtis for the very first time.  Toro commented on her experience, “it is the right thing to do if you can. I want to give back. I was interested in the process, I would love to do it again, I will do it again next year. It felt really annoying though, I felt really hungry after. I was so excited to donate my blood and in this process I was able to learn my blood type. I am B positive!”.

Part of what makes Curtis a community school is that all different types of people are engaged in the community activities. Curtis is known for its challenging and prestigious nursing program where students are able to gain experience in the nursing field along with become a candidate for the LPN or NA license. Seniors enrolled in the Nursing program are encourage to help out at the blood drive. For the blood drive teachers also had the opportunity to donate. Mrs. Pillarella the tennis coach and the IB English teacher donated blood and she described the blood drive as, “an amazing experience, the ladies are so nice! They take very good care of you and they have good Oreos!”

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