Volunteering becomes more than credit

Students donate their time for more than just volunteering hours or graduation requirements.

Charesia Whittaker

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Volunteer work becomes an integral part of student life upon entering high school. There are required amount of hours for specific programs and there are always events for students to further build their college resume with  community service. The experience with volunteer work can get competitive at times as well.

The past few months have been jam-packed with events. Events have ranged from students trying to fulfill their CAS requirements by participating in a tree planting activity at a local park to helping clean the shrubbery and plant bulbs around the school grounds. During these  events, students make a contest out of who can do the most for their community in that specific activity during the time they have. Students often return from such projects boasting about the number of trees they were able to successfully plant.  This year over one hundred trees were planted.

Long standing clubs such as The Key Club and those established not so long ago such as Brown Bag Club also help to promote volunteer work. In Key Club students come together once a week to discuss creative ways to help their community and build their leadership skills in the process.  Building these fundamentals goes beyond fulfilling  school requirements for service, and many go on to join the college branch of the club.

The Brown Bag Club started as a CAS project idea of four students who wanted to help those in their community whom they were seeing did not have enough to support themselves.. They meet every other Wednesday to put together bags with toiletries and other necessities otherwise inaccessible to people who fall into the category of less fortunate. Now it is a full blown club with over 25 members.

In the month of November, a major initiative to get Thanksgiving baskets out to the community has also provided the opportunity for many students to volunteer and help their community.

There are countless amounts of ways that our Curtis community comes together in the name of service, and overall it has not only been impacting those in our community but also the heart of every student who participates; and leaves a lasting impression in students, to continue for more than just the awarded credit.

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