Students remember Parkland school shooting victims

Curtis and many other schools nationwide participate in school-organized walk out.

Sydney Blugh

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Due to the recent shooting at Parkland High School in Florida, its student body has finally decided to do something about gun control. In many cases school shootings are publicized for a week or two and then forgotten, but these students are not letting what occurred at their school be forgotten. These students decided to organize a nationwide walkout. For 17 minutes ‒ a minute for each victim ‒ students nationwide walked out of their schools to protest gun violence.

Curtis was one of the many schools that participated in this social justice event. This event was supported by the administration so most students walked out onto the field but many also walked down to Borough Hall. Gabrielle Monterosso, was one of the students who walked out onto the field, felt that, “Walking out onto the field was irrelevant because it defeated the purpose. Since the school got involved it felt more like a fire drill because once the clock hit 10:17 teachers were rushing us back inside. Some students marched to Borough Hall but by the time I realized that was a better option we were told to go back inside.”

Madison Mushnik was a student who walked down to Borough Hall. She said that, “For the students who went to Borough Hall the event had more impact because we got people outside of Curtis to take notice, even a random adult started chanting with us.”

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