Brandon Dilluvio, Webmaster

Each year, IB alumni who graduated the previous year participate in a ceremony that acknowledges them for achieving the IB diploma. However, due to snow storms that covered New York this winter, this event was rescheduled. Many alumni were unable to attend, but those who did receive their diploma in mid-January.

Dolores Termini, a member of the class of 2017 said, “The IB ceremony was very nice, and it felt good to have a way to recognize all the hard work that we had done over our years in high school. I was super excited that I got the diploma. I worked very hard for it.” She was one of few who managed to return for the rescheduled date.

  John Crowdell, AP of Mathematics and IB Supervisor, expressed his disappointment, “Only 24 of the 64 alumni in the IB graduating class of 2017 were able to attend. Each year I hope that we will have 100 percent attendance, however, I sympathize with the students who were unable to attend. The snow really killed us.”