Technology takes over the classroom

Curtis students and faculty shre their opinions on the use of Google Classroom.

Brandon Dilluvio, Webmaster

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Google Classroom is a fairly new and intuitive learning management system. For teachers, Google Classroom is a great way to distribute and view student assignments in an environmentally friendly way. Ms. Susca, an Italian teacher at Curtis, encourages the use of Google Classroom, “I care about the environment, so I like to give as many paperless assignments as possible!” The online learning system benefits students with its accessibility outside of class. This is particularly helpful for when students miss class and need to catch up.

       From the students perspective, the uses of Google Classroom are a relief for users as they no longer have to worry about forgetting deadlines or forgetting work at home since all of the work is now done online in the digital format. Marcus Weiss, a senior, said, “It is a great platform in which everything is organized in one place and is very convenient for both teachers and students.”

While there are great opportunities for students to benefit from the work assigned and the overall use of Google Classroom there are always going to be drawbacks to any sort of internet use on the side of the students. Mr. Delin, a teacher at Curtis for over 17 years, said, “It’s a great way to communicate with the class, but I hate to use Google Docs and students with laptops open have too much of an opportunity to get off task.”

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