Missing plaques mystery solved

Aolat Salami, Staff Writer

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Curtis’ scholarship honor roll recognizes students with outstanding academic performance during their time at Curtis. In order to be on the scholarship honor roll, a student must have at least a 90 average in math, science, history, and English, over all eight semesters. These criteria can be found written in the freshmen handbook. The plaques with these students names are plastered up on the walls all along the first floor of Curtis’ main building. When looking at these plaques it can be seen that they date back to as early as the 1920’s, yet stop after the year 2003.

This captured the attention of my inquiring side, set in place by the IB learner profile stored in my brain. Had no one met the success criteria to be on the honor roll since ‘03? Were the rest of the plaques stored in some secret basement of the school? At first, nobody was completely sure of the current status of the plaques. It was said that they were at the printing company, awaiting pickup. Some of the faculty apart from getting the honor plaques had recently retired, such as Mr. DeConzo and Mr.Sicilian, making the torch of responsibility difficult to pass.

Getting the honor plaques back up to date and into the halls has been on Mr. Janeckie’s radar since he became principal. But with the commencement of Curtis’ new wing and other citywide changes, honor plaques being pushed back was an understandable change.

After some investigation and a lot of bouncing back and forth between staff, I learned from Mr. Cogan that a new honor plaque will be making its way to Curtis within a few months and that if it is not enough to contain the students who have made the list, another order will be placed. Look out for honor plaques, because they’re coming and they’re coming back big!

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