Dutch students react to Chelsea bombing

Foreign exchange students talk about the recent bombing in Chelsea.

Alaina Hinkley

On Saturday, September 17, 2016 at around 8:30 pm, New York City went into panic after an explosion went off in the Chelsea area. 29 people were injured.

When this bombing occurred, Curtis High School was hosting it’s Spanish and Dutch exchange students. The Dutch students were visiting Manhattan at the time of the bombing. Since the bombing was a world wide event the parents in Holland heard the news and many tried to contact their children. Sterne Oosterlaar said, “My mom almost cried and my sister was worried too. My father just remained calm and was happy to hear my voice.” Another response from Pascalle Van Westerop was, “My family sent me like 20 messages asking if I was okay…” 

Europeans are more familiar with terrorist attacks than the United States, and the foreign students reactions reflect that.   Many still have the same view of the city and would definitely come back. Bo Bett VanDer replied, “It actually did not affect my view, I am kind of used to hearing about these things on the news, and that’s not a positive thing.”

Overall most viewed America as a safe place. Silkie Rammeloo and Pascalle Van Westerop both said America was  not safe because of American’s right to bear arms.