Girls gym site of open house

Michael Dilluvio, Editor

Due to renovations in the auditorium, where the open house is usually held, students thinking of attending Curtis were placed in the girls gymnasium. This change was met with conflicting views. Many people did not mind sitting in the gym listening to staff speak on behalf of the Curtis family. However, there were some people who felt that it was too hot, and uncomfortable sitting there for the whole time.

S.O.     President Nafiul Bahri said, “I feel the open house was sufficient and with the time we had, it was quite effective. Many complained about being kept in the girls gymnasium for a long time, but honestly these things happen yearly and I know for a fact with the auditorium next year, it will be better.” These things just can’t be avoided, and it’s difficult to work around some conflicts. Also another difference from previous years, was the lack of tours that went around the school building. When asked, Nafiul said that giving tours was not in the agenda, and the students of Curtis were still able to emphasizes their school pride through club and team displays.

Aside from the simple fact that the auditorium was replaced by the girls gymnasium, and the students did not give tours, many positive things were said about the orientation overall. While walking around the lunchroom, students were able to gather information on programs clubs  and sports teams.

Luke McNamara, a sophomore in the Curtis IB program, commented “I thought it went great! Something specific that caught my eye was all of the well made posters and boards advertising the sports teams.” McNamara also stated that the event could have only been improved if the number of prospective students who showed up increased. “I believe that there were not a whole lot of students, it was much smaller from previous years, and if more were to come, they could see what Curtis has to offer.”      But once the night was over, and everything was packed up, it seems as though, overall the entire night was a success. We were able to portray the Curtis spirit at its best, and we showed prospective students what Curtis is all about!

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