Akakeya wins cup

Ian & Sydney Blugh, Editor

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John Akakeya runs ahead of competitors.

John Akakeya runs ahead of competitors.

John Akakeya, Curtis High School senior, won the Mayor’s Cup cross country championship, claiming the title of “Best in the City.” In addition to this notable title, he is currently an undefeated runner.

He had a plan for winning the race and came out successful, not even surprised that he won the race. “I wasn’t surprised because that was what I planned on doing; stay with the leader and finally kick near the end of the finish line,” said Akakeya on how he won the race.

Akakeya’s training prepared him for this big race. “The training was really hard. There were hill repeats and sometimes we did 1200’s and mile repeats,” he said, “I would go to soccer practice in the mornings and then cross country practice later in the day.” His advanced training is one of the main reasons for his success.

Even with all of this training, Akakeya still faced many challenges during the race. “The middle of the race was hardest because everyone was trying to take the lead but I made sure I was next to whoever was leading. I was always shoulder to shoulder with him.”

Akakeya credits his teammates with some of his success. “My teammates motivated me. They told me not to give up because they believed I can be “Best in the City”

For the future, John Akakeya’s goal is to lead his team into winning the PSAL city championship and he is doing so one step at a time.