In loving memory of Marcos Castillo

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“I had lunch with him and we would chill and talk. We would fool around. He was savage.”

– Juan Flores

“Marcos was a cute kid. He was always smiling and making jokes. He used to always wave at us. I remember one time when I asked him if he remembered me from elementary school. He said yeah and sat next to me. Then he just smiled.”

– Paola Quiroz

“He was a really special person to me. He understood me. He would always make me smile and he always told me that everything was going to be okay. Our friendship is what mattered most.”

              – Roxana Remache

“The first day I met him, we were in a group. He came up to me and said, you wear a lot of makeup. And I replied saying I don’t wear that much. In the middle of my sentence he interrupted me and said you know what I call them… Payasas. (clown) Then I chased him around laughing. I will always remember the look he had when he talked about his dog, with a sparkle in his eye.”

– Ketzy Anzurez

“Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved shine down to let us know they are happy. We truly miss you Marcos, keep smiling down on us.”

– Ms. Shannon Gilly         

“ I remember when we went to the ferry and the city. And then we came straight back. It was funny because we basically talked about games the whole time. He was always laughing and annoying. He made everyone happy.”

  – Bryan Reza

“I just love him as a person. He was always making jokes and making everybody smile. He was always there when you needed him. Even when he wasn’t feeling well. He would hide his emotions and make everyone laugh. I miss seeing him everyday with our friends. Because he was the youngest out of all of us, we called him the baby of the group.”

      – Erica Mejia

“What I like is that we got closer this year. He always made me smile and laugh. I miss everything about him. Mostly his curly hair. If he were still here I would ask for one last hug.”

– Kassandra Marcelo

“It has been very hard trying to cope with all of this. But I know Marcos wouldn’t want us to be like this. He would want us to be laughing and smiling just like he did. He will forever be missed and never forgotten. For all we know, he’s in a better place and watching over us.”


– Elizabeth Alvarez