Coach takes on a new team

Ricardo Mediavilla, Editor

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Coaching multiple sports, McNamara speaks to a softball player.

Coaching multiple sports, McNamara speaks to a softball player.

At the beginning of the 2015 girls’ volleyball season, the team’s coach of two-years, Pamela Rokicki, resigned because of her long commute. Her unexpected departure ushered in Meghan McNamara as a replacement. McNamara, the coach of three other individual teams, and a teacher for English decided to dedicate yet another portion of her time to this new sport.

“I wish to teach the girls Warrior Pride and teamwork,” said McNamara. One of these  values can only be taught at Curtis. When Curtis athletes are trained on the court, pride is taught to them  which makes them better on the court and as students.

Volleyball is a significant change from her other sports. Prior to this coaching position she coached girls varsity softball, basketball, and girls junior varsity softball. Volleyball is only the second indoor sport  McNamara has coached.  Although new to coaching volleyball she is excited to work with this young group of girls. “The players are enthusiastic and always willing to try their best,” said McNamara. Considering that the JV girls’ volleyball team’s longest winning streak is two wins, this season could produce a longer winning record with a new coach at the helm.

McNamara is not only infusing the team’s daily curriculum with Warrior Pride, but she is also trying to teach them crucial life values, like responsibility, sportsmanship, and most of all, teamwork.

Freshman,  Adelina Kapica, joined the team because she had interest in the sports and frequently played informally.  “Coach Mac really pushes us hard,” said Kapica, “she tries had to help us improve and eradicate our weaknesses.”  But despite this, the team lost their first game. However this is only the first game of many and the outcome may be different in the future.

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