In retirement Curtis continues passion for helping childern

Heather Rahn, Editor

Late last year Dr. Aurelia Curtis shocked the students, teachers, and parents in the Curtis High School community by announcing that she would be retiring from her position as principal. Dr. Curtis began her 31 year long career at the school in 1984 as a math teacher, and became principal in 2004.

“I had considered retirement for a while,” said Dr. Curtis, “I always thought I would retire after 30 years and look for opportunities to help in third world countries, specifically Liberia, my birth country.” Her plan to help is coming to fruition as she continues her work in Liberia with amputee children, and she hopes to expand what she can do in the future. In addition to service, she teaches a college course and works with the IB administration by visiting schools that want to be authorized to participate in the program.

Even though she continues to work, her retirement has also given her a chance to take a break. “I’m learning the benefits of relaxing even as I treasure challenges and rewards of the past 31 years,” said Dr. Curtis, “I’m paying more attention to my physical, mental and spiritual fitness.” She continues to seek knowledge, and uses travel to do so. 

“I enjoy learning; so, traveling gives me a chance to expand my horizon,” said Curtis. She has already began to do so, and has plans to continue visiting new places-.

Although she is thoroughly enjoying retirement, she admits that she misses the school. “My 31 year stay at Curtis forever be a significant portion of my life. I made wonderful friends and learned valuable lessons. Hopefully, history will accurately reflect the work that we did together over the course of my 12-year tenure as principal.” said Dr. Curtis.

Some of her notable accomplishments include the reauthorization of the IB program, the renovation of both the library and the auditorium, the implementation of the AVID program, and an 80% graduation rate.

Former principal Dr. Curtis
Former principal Dr. Curtis