Evacuation drill interferes with testing schedule

Required drills cut into scheduled testing time.

evacuation drillThe scheduled day for math and science end of marking period tests was October 17. However, this was also the day an evacuation drill was scheduled during ninth period. This caused some problems for both teachers and students.

Curtis freshman Isabel Gonzalez was taking a geometry test when she was interrupted by the evacuation drill. “It works out for some students,” said a relieved Gonzalez. “They have seen the test and can come back tomorrow after more preparation. But it can put to waste all the effort that students put in the night before to get ready.”

Ms. Reardon, a geometry teacher, said, “Luckily teachers knew about the drill when they entered on Friday morning so they were able to plan accordingly. However, the 15 minute drill did interrupt class.”

Chemistry teacher Ms. Gurrieri said, “It’s hard with limited lab space to meet the requirements for lab when you have to reschedule labs due to the evacuation drill. However, I do think they are important but it could possibly help if a schedule was given out ahead of time to help teachers plan accordingly.”

Mr. Burbano, Assistant Principal of Security, said, “The DOE mandates that we must have a total of 12 drills by the end of the school year. Eight of those have to be before October 31. The drill was originally supposed to be on a different day, but because of bad weather conditions it had to be rescheduled to October 17.”