Boys tennis has perfect season


Curtis boys tennis team shock critics with their 180 

After ending their previous season without any wins under their belt, the boys varsity tennis team realized it was time for a change. Even after a division swap, expectations for the team were low going into the 2023 season, but that didn’t discourage the team  from having  a stellar year. Compared to their last record of 0-12, the team has managed to accomplish a complete turn around this year, finishing their current regular season with a spotless record of 12-0. With the longest winning streak in the team’s young history, they now enter the postseason as the highest seed in their division in hopes to make a deep playoff run to the finals. 

When asked about his thoughts on how the current season has been going for him and the team, first singles player Sebastian Chan felt that even after the league change he’s still managed to “Get better throughout the season”. Currently, Sebastian Chan holds an impressive individual record of 7-4, helping the team keep their long streak alive throughout the season. 

Other players like Darrell Whiten Boone felt that this season was a good opportunity for the team’s younger members, after missing their previous chance to participate in the playoffs. He believes that this season  was  a good chance to gain useful experience, letting the new guys play early so they can get better. With so many freshman and sophomore members on the team, the veteran members feel comfortable allowing the new guys to learn and grow for next season.