Curtis Varsity Football Defeats Tottenville


Alysa Grillo

After an intense game, the Warriors secure another win with a 36-14 victory over Tottenville.

With the win, the Lt. Nick Lia/Captain John Memorial Trophy remains at the castle for the third consecutive year. Curtis’ record improves to 2-2; leaving Tottenville with a 1-3 record.

At the end of first quarter, the Warriors were down after Tottenville’s two touchdowns accompanied by successful extra point attempts. Neither the team nor the crowd lost hope. The boys put in the work while the ‘blacked-out’ crowd kept their spirits high and were eventually rewarded with a comeback. Curtis took the lead when Junior Chauncey Mims (8) scored a touchdown in the third-quarter, changing the game completely.

The Warriors’ defensive players also stepped up after the first quarter. Junior Xavier Philips forced a fumble, which was followed by a touchdown for Curtis. Tottenville was kept at 14 points for the remainder of the game leaving Curtis with a 22-point victory.

Pic credit: Dean Sutantio
Pic credit: Dean Sutantio