Old Tech Room Transforms Into A Creative Space for All

Lizbeth Pavia, Writer

Curtis High School has made changes to a select few classrooms for the sprig term, with one being room 420 in the old building.

The room that was once been a computer room has been turned into a “makerspace” room. The computers were outdated and the room is huge. Ms. Korten saw it as an opportunity to try something new. She said that the inspiration for the “makerspace” came from the one in Staten Island Technical High School. The room is set up with large workspaces that were created by putting desks together. There is a photo studio on one side of the huge classroom and the other wall is filled with cabinets that have a lot of supplies. The supplies include basic art supplies and high end cameras too. Computers were not needed because the most students in the building already have them. There is some high end large format printers as well.

One of the best parts about this new room is that teachers from any subject can make a reservation through Operoo and bring their classes there to do special projects. Ms Korten is excited about this new room and looks forward to using this room as a way to inspire creativity in the school community. For more information, contact Ms. Korten, in room 433.