What Curtis Students Are Saying About Their Vaccinations (Vaccines and You: Part Two)

Leianni Byrd, Writer

          In recent months, scientists have been working hard to come up with a vaccine to bring an end to the coronavirus and finally get the economy back on track. Although it took some time to ensure that the vaccine was safe for those under 18, the FDA has recently approved the Pfizer vaccine for those 16 and older and now 12 and up. After hearing the news, a lot of warriors were eager to take on this opportunity! 

          In the Curtis community, Andeta Kapica, a junior, was excited when news of the vaccine hit the media. In terms of setting up and getting to the appointment, she expressed that it “was actually way easier than me or any of my family members anticipated. We made calls to two different locations and they were able to immediately set up appointments that worked with our schedules. Then for our second appointment, it went the same way and the process was very efficient.” Since two doses are required for full vaccination, many wondered if the side effects differed between doses, particularly after the second dose. Shayla George, who is a junior, wrote that “With the second, I felt more of a pinch. However, I experienced less muscle tenderness in my arm compared to the first dose.” While some might experience more side effects after the second dose, different bodies respond differently, so the side effects will certainly vary.

          While motivations for getting the vaccine may differ, Ivanna Duran and Tharushi Samarasinghe, both juniors, simply felt that it was beneficial. “I got the Covid vaccine because it made me feel safe, because of schools and businesses slowly opening up. Also, because I now have antibodies that will respond when needed,” Tharushi said. Ivanna also explained her motivation for getting the vaccine. “I got the vaccine because I believe it is necessary for the welfare of the public. I’ve heard of many individuals afflicted with the virus, and I believe the least I can do is receive an injection to make our community healthy.”

         Not everyone has felt positively about the vaccine; still trying to figure out if taking it is the right choice for them. But scientists believe that with it, we, as a nation, can finally get back to normal life. If you do happen to be pondering over whether or not you should take the vaccine or if you’ve already taken it, there are actually tangible perks around the city to being fully vaccinated! Many businesses and institutions are currently rewarding individuals with free items or, in some cases, free admission as a form of gratitude for taking the vaccine. For example, the New York Aquarium is offering free tickets to those fully vaccinated and fast food joints such as Shake Shack are offering perks like free fries (provided that you buy a sandwich first)! 

        Regardless of one’s personal opinion on the vaccines, their distribution in New York has proven effective. As of June 20th, 70.9% of New Yorkers have taken at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and our 7-day positivity rate has been brought down to an astounding 0.38% (Source). As a result, governor Cuomo has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions, demonstrating to the world that a place once rocked by the virus can successfully make a comeback with good vaccination distribution and proper guidelines.