Three new teachers added to the performing arts department

New teachers replace experience but bring a fresh outlook to a vibrant department

Essence Rafael

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The performing arts department has been undergoing a few changes this year with new teachers being welcomed into the Curtis community. With the 2018-2019 school year already in full swing, new teachers such as Ms. Fries, Ms. Kenny-Jones, and Mr. Barranca have their work cut out for them.

The past drama department teacher Ms. Fugate took a leave of absence to take care of her new baby, which leaves Ms. Fries to put on an entire play production in her first year at Curtis High School. How does she do it? Fries had said,  “It’s really fun and it’s exciting to share my love of acting with high schoolers.” Fries explains her experience of being a new teacher, “It’s sometimes crazy but there’s always something new and fun that happens which never lets the adventures stop coming. Some days it’s crazy but the good times definitely make up for it.”

Mr. Barranca is also a new acting teacher so he’s been given the rest of the theater classes. His experience is definitely evident because he used to be an actor himself, so he is now able to share his experiences with students and provide tips because he’s been able to play both director and performer.

The music department had also lost their band director Mr. Scro to retirement, which leaves Ms. Kenny-Jones to take the reins and maintain the music department. When asked how she likes it she said, “It’s been really fun and it’s so interesting and crazy that the same classes I used to learn in I now teach.” Though retired, Mr. Scro still is involved in the Curtis community by supporting after school clubs.

Despite the multiple teachers being changed in the performing arts department everything has been going smooth. The drama department is going to be putting on the production named “Spelling Bee” and the music classes have been performing well.

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