Covid Self-Test Home Kits Distribution

Shahd Abdalla and Alysa Grillo

As we all know, Covid has certainly not disappeared over the last year. It has gotten in the way of almost everything in our everyday lives, from simple hangouts with friends to major setbacks in our education. Covid cases have risen tremendously, especially in public schools. To remain safe Curtis High School maintains a large supply of face masks and also began distributing Covid-19 at home testing to all students who came in close contact with those infected. The at-home tests are simple and results are shown in ten to fifteen minutes; perfect for students as almost all testing sites can not test them without a parent or guardian if they’re under eighteen.

One sophomore, Emily Massey, believes that this is the right step to keeping us all safe. “Covid tests are safer and easier for students to get a hold of if they can’t make it to an actual testing site.”