Enjoying Thanksgiving Despite COVID

Many traditions outlasted the pandemic.

Nia Tellefsen, Writer

After a year off people were excited to celebrate one of the best times of the year, one filled with gratitude and family along with a sense of home: Thanksgiving! While the grocery store lines were outrageous and everyone fought for the last turkey, that’s not what thanksgiving is exactly about.

According to AS latest news, the most popular food on Thanksgiving is most definitely the turkey! Some popular side dishes to include are, mashed potatoes (78 percent), stuffing or dressing (77 percent), and bread and rolls (74 percent). However, most of your peers don’t eat your traditional Thanksgiving meals.

Alexia Lalin, 9th grade, enjoys baked mac, fried chicken, turkey, baked ziti, rice and beans, sweet potato pie, and as she said, “basically everything.”

However, according to Ethan Quainoo, 9th grade, he and his family enjoyed, “corn bread, chicken, some rice and some oxtails and some turkey.”

Even so, as much as we enjoy food we can’t forget the most important thing this time around, family and friends. Most students have planned trips over this Thanksgiving break to spend time with loved ones.

“Some family is coming over and we’ll all be eating dinner together and cooking,” said Eluise Perez, 9th grade.

“We’re having breakfast with one of my mom’s friends since she’s new to the country, to make her feel at home and surrounded by her native culture. We’re going to go to Church too,” said one senior.

“I’m going to my aunt’s house, I haven’t seen her in a while. I got my COVID test, so I’m all good to go,” said Ms. Rokicki.

“My aunt called and said she’s coming on Wednesday, we’re probably just going to hangout sine we haven’t gotten a turkey yet,” said Taiwo Adeoso, senior.

It has been such a tragedy and a very hard year for everyone, due to COVID-19. Families and friends have been separated and forced to stay at a distance. Although this is important to everyone’s health and wellbeing, it often left people feeling lonely over the past holiday season. It’s a great thing to hear of the new guidelines replacing the old ones and people are starting to come together. I myself have most definitely enjoyed time with my family. Over this break I went to stay at the aunt’s house in New Jersey for a few days and it was so nice to be with my family and to enjoy each other’s company.

Other students like Farzana Nowmee, 9th grade, don’t celebrate your typical Thanksgiving, “We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but it’s still an opportunity to spend time together.” Being from a different culture she uses her time over the break differently as well as many other students!